The management of MISASCO GROUP has been in the sourcing industry since 1985. Specialized in sourcing products to and from around the world. MISASCO GROUP is a buying and sourcing company based in Pakistan with its office in Canada. MISASCO GROUP is offering its international buyers the ultimate solution for sourcing excellent quality products and materials in leather, textiles and bed & bath products. We have the capability of providing a bridge between our overseas importer and manufacturers in Pakistan to ensure premium service during development cycles, timely deliveries and of course adherence to international standards of quality.

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About Us

The management of MISASCO has been in the sourcing industry since 1985. Specialized in sourcing products to and from around the world..

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Our Vision

To be the undisputed leader in the textile and leather industry whilst providing a socially responsible commitment to the environments we invest in..

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Our Mission

Provide unrivalled quality and assurance to all our customers and stakeholders by employing techniques that serve both our internal and external..

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Did you know Pakistan Textile Industry ?

Is one of the most important sectors of Pakistan.

Contributes significantly to the country's GDP, exports as well as employment. It is, in fact, the backbone of the Pakistani economy.

Pakistan is now the fourth largest cotton grower in the world behind China, USA and India.

Has become the most important industry for earning the foreign exchange.

Accounts for 60-65% of the foreign exchange earned in a year.

Did you know Pakistan Leather Industry:

  • Is as old as the history of the country.
  • Is the second largest export-earning sector after textile.
  • Contributes over a billion dollars in GDP every year but has the potential to multiply volume of exports with the improvement of quality and diversification in different range of products, especially garments and footwear.
  • Share in the global skins and hides production is around 7% annually which can be doubled with just the right amount of time and effort.

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Misasco Trading Inc., Canada.

Did you know Pakistan Food Stuff Industry:

  • Pakistan is the world's 4th largest producer of rice
  • Each year, it produces an average of 6 million tonnes and together with the rest of the South Asia
  • Is responsible for supplying 30% of the world's paddy rice output
  • Most of these crops are grown in the fertile Sindh and Punjab region with millions of farmers relying on rice cultivation as their major source of employment.

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